What If You Could Change History? - RJ Stangherlin and Jennifer Brinson

Title: What If You Could Change History?

Description: This year-long, team-driven, project-based, interdisciplinary multimedia project (Integrated Project aka IP) challenges requires students to select a pivotal moment in history and then ask "what if" that moment had moved in a different direction. How would daily life be impacted socially, politically, economically, religiously, and militarily (SPERM) if a specific historical event moved in a different direction, forever changing history. For example: What If the Thirteen Colonies Never Received Aid from France During the American Revolution? Can a Monarchy Inspire a Democracy? Students research the factual history leading to the pivotal moment, then transition to constructing counter factual history. Would American students and teachers begin their school day with "Hail to the Queen," would our accents and allegiances be British if France had not aided the Colonies? Students choose their presentation venue: stage presentation for film. Students are responsible for script creation, artifact and costume acquisitions, set design, annotated bibliographies for primary sources, bibliographies for audio, video, and images, and period-appropriate recuperation of SPERM in daily life.

Discoverystreaming Components: Students integrate re-edited Discoverystreaming videos to conduct and represent factual history. They use green screen techniques to insert themselves into the actual video or use remixed Discoverystreaming footage as background to their live filming to create counter factual footage. Students use Discoverystreaming videos only because they present at NECC, PETE&C, and various other technology venues, including PA Compter Fair, and appropriate use policy requires Copyright/friendly vetted resources for educational use.

Discovery Education Assignment Center:
Students may access assignment in two ways:
1. Assignment Code: T31F2-957A [ students will need to go to the Student Center at ]
2. Assignment URL: [direct access]

Culminating Activity
: Students choose their presentation venue: a 42 minute stage presentation or film.**